There Goes Paradise (CD)

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There Goes Paradise (CD)


Released in 2020



The inspiration for the album name comes from a line that is repeated in the title track Frozen River. The song is written about our great country the United States of America, and it’s struggles to keep its’ relevance in a time where political correctness, political corruption, and an entitlement-mentality have swept the nation, a time where special-interest groups have successfully lobbied the politicians, as well as the people, to believe that freedom means that anything goes, and even worse, that freedom is free. The song paints the picture of a time where the dreams of this great land are gone, referring to the Statue of Liberty as the lonely lady, surrounded by the frozen river, which is congress & government. Politicians are likened to white knights living in their castles, who never tell lies. The country is compared to ancient Rome, and the people as sheep being held in a zoo…or led to slaughter.

The second track on the album, All Over Now, was also written about our country. This song uses the metaphor of a relationship such as boyfriend/girlfriend to say to our government, “You don’t know me anymore” and “Baby, it’s all over now”. In the chorus, the lyric “Your statue is tarnished and your flames’ burnt out” is also a reference to the Statue of Liberty.

The only cover-song on the record is a modernized version of Bread’s early-70’s hit Mother Freedom, with its’ classic David Gates lyrics, “Freedom…keep tryin’. People stay alive and people keep dyin’ for Freedom…so don’t lose it. Ya’ gotta’ understand, ya’ just can’t abuse it”, as well as other great lyrics that, although written over 40 years ago, still apply today. Other songs such as “What’s the Difference?” serve double-meaning as politics as well as relationship, and the 9-minute anthem “My Song/On My Way” states; “They come from far an’ wide to gather here in this great land…to live the dream, to live the life, and live it hand-in-hand”, and begs the answer to “Why can’t we all just get along?” as it promotes peace, love, joy, & faith, while we still have time to change the world.